I very recently had my roof replaced by Trinity Roofing. From the start with a free estimate, Mr. Dahlbeck, was extremely patient, courteous and professional with me. He explained everything that needed to be done including replacement of fascia boards. I thought I had done well by already having had several other estimates in hand. Trinity Roofing was literally a GOD send!!! Trinity Roofing not only beat the other estimates but they did a fantastic job!!! I had the fascia boards, roof and patio covering replaced in less than 3 days!!! Their crew are very polite, courteous and professional!!! They reroofed, replaced and redid and picked up and hauled off in less than 3 days!!! I am so very,very,very happy and satisfied with Trinity Roofing!!! I used to have the worst roof in my neighborhood, now neighbors are giving me compliments!!! THANK YOU TRINITY ROOFING AND MAY ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Kim T.


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